All about Rotts 

Our Harley

"When I first met Harley and brought him home, my wife thought I had lost my mind.  I had always said that I would never have a Rottweiler but that was before I found out what a wonderful breed they are.  I admit that a Rottweiler is not for everyone.  If you are a nervous or insecure person, the Rottweiler may become the ruler of the house.  Below you will find a few points that we have learned through the years."


What is the temperament of a Rottweiler?

Our Rotties are wonderful family pets and share the home with cats, Grandchildren who visit regularly, and a small Boer goat herd. While they will challenge people who they do not know, they accept strangers who are introduced properly. The Rottweiler is a protective breed, not a vicious one. The Rottweiler breed is fundamentally good natured and even tempered.  “The Rottweiler temperament is basically calm, confident and courageous.  His self-assured aloofness does not lend itself to immediate or indiscriminate friendships. The Rottweiler is a sensitive and bright animal that will waste away if left on his own with too little attention.

How should a Rottweiler be trained?

The Rottweiler requires a “firm hand.”  This does Not mean that the dog should be dominated by harsh discipline or brute force.  The best training for a Rottweiler (indeed any dog or even children) includes consistent gentle reinforcement of both good and bad behavior so that the dog has a clear knowledge of what it should or should not do. The recipe for making a Rottweiler into a good and reliable guardian and protector is so very simple:  make sure that he feels comfortable in his home territory.”  Time will bring out the natural protective behavior and the dog will assume responsibility for the safety of the house and all inhabitants.

What we love about Rottweilers

Rottweilers are one of the most loyal and devoted companion dogs of all the breeds.  They are happy to lay by your side while you read a book and are equally thrilled to go out for a walk in the neighborhood.

Rottweilers are not easily startled or intimidated so you needn't worry about constant barking for no reason.  If your Rotty is barking, you should quickly  find out what they are trying to tell you.

Rottweilers are great with children since they were bred as caretakers. They will play for hours with their people family or other pets. Ours even have their own pet turtle that they watch swim in its pool.

Rottweilers are extremely intelligent, quickly learning what their master or mistress wants them to do.  Sometimes they are so intelligent that they will outsmart you if you aren't paying attention.

Understanding dog language:

Dogs are pack oriented and looked to a leader (Alpha) for direction.  The dog’s owner should strive to be that Alpha.  A person should meet a dog’s gaze directly.  Averting your gaze communicates submission to a dog.  Being taller than the dog signals dominance.  However, it may be important to kneel down to the dog’s level when making a new friend.  One way to gain dominance is to ignore all of the dog’s attempts to gain attention unless the dog obeys direct commands.