These are friends that Mary and I would like to introduce you to.
Our Extended canine family
Kaylee (Female)
Kaylee was 3 years old when she came to Yaupon Hill and fit in very well. Kaylee came from a home where they could not give her the care that she needed. Kaylee had to be trained and took extra work for a while. However, her loving nature won us over very quickly and she has our grandson as a new master.
Karo Stance
Karo (Female)
Karo has been a very good mother and has passed many fine traits to her litters. Karo is the classical feminine Rottweiler and comes in at 24.5 inches at the shoulder and 70 lbs. She is very athletic and has a wonderful disposition. Some of the characteristics that we value are her loyalty, playfulness, and loving spirit.

Karo has been retired from breeding and has been spayed. We still enjoy her playful spirit, and she now lives with our son where she is spoiled.

In Memory
harley stance
This is my favorite picture of Harley. He gave me 11 wonderful years before passing away in his sleep. I got Harley when he was 12 weeks old and never had a more loyal friend. I still miss him every day, and am forever in his debt for opening my eyes to what a wonderful breed he represented.
Samantha in Flowers
Samantha was always young at heart till her final days. She loved the water and splashing after a stick. Sam passed just 3 months after Harley and I will always feel that it was of a broken heart. Sam and Harley now rest side by side and I know that if dogs go to Heaven, God has 2 of the most loyal friends he could ask for.